15 Gorgeous Sleeve Tattoos Girls will Adore

What is a Tattoo Sleeve? A Sleeve is a Tattoo that covers a major part of your body – Your arm or leg with beautiful inked patterns, objects & designs.

The Tattoo sleeve is mainly located around your arms and most people have one of these 4 types of sleeves.

  • Full Sleeve (Shoulder to Wrist)
  • 3/4th Sleeve (Shoulder to forearm or Biceps to wrist)
  • Half sleeve Tattoo
  • Forearm Tattoo Sleeve

As mentioned above a Tattoo sleeve is not restricted to arms but also legs. Full sleeves cover all the ink around your arm and leg. The price of a full sleeve differs from artist to artist but most wont come cheap. Here are are our favorite Tattoos Sleeves for women 2016. Women prefer to have girly, elegant tattoo designs with floral patterns,  that fit their character & soul.



15 Gorgeous Sleeve Tattoos Girls will Adore - Tattoo Ideas