7 Best Tattoo Artists with an unmistakably unique style to follow on Facebook


With thousands of competing tattoo artists these days it is a tough business to be in. Like in every industry/art craft artists need to find a niche to fit in and differentiate from others. Without a unique selling point you are like everyone else and therefore easily replaceable. Being unique isnt the only trait you need to be successful but also awareness for your personal brand & tattoo style is crucial so that people get to know you and your unique Tattoo style. If you arent so well-known yet worry not…Submit your unique Tattoo artwork on myttoos & get featured to our 15 million Tattoo fans.

We want to introduce you 7 of the best Tattoo artists with a very unique & beautiful Ink style. Some of them so unique you could invent a name for its fashion form. Let us know in the comments which your favorite style is or if we have missed any particular tattoo artists. You can also follow us on Insta for more curated & unique Tattoo inspiration.


Inez Janiak, a female Tattoo Artist from Poland has a very unique & sketchy black/white Tattoo style. You can follow her here on Instagram or here on Facebook. You can also have a look at the best german tattoo artists from Germany, Austria & Switzerland