How artists get featured on pages with millions of followers such as Myttoos?


How to get featured on big tattoo pages like myttoos

Welcome Artists of all kind, Tattoo Studios, Tattoo Event Owners, Tattoo Models and everyone related to the beautiful world of art. We get this question all the time. How can I get featured/promoted on a big Facebook page with million of followers? The competition is fierce these days with hundreds of conventions each year, even more artists around the corner and they all want the same. Awareness, Sponsors, More Followers!

Tattoo Studios have several new Guest Artists each month, many Tattoo Artists are on tour around the globe to offer their skills to potential customers at Tattoo Conventions or as Guest Artists, Models seek awareness for the next Tattoo Event/Contest. Convention owners need to sell tickets & Tattoo booths while making their Sponsors happy as well.



Personal Branding & Brand Awareness is a tough job, takes a lot of time and/or money but is most crucial to have success. Many people think Social Media is a free marketing channel but it is not. Building our Facebook pages with a total of over 15 million followers took years of time, a lot of sweat and of course money. Unless you are willing to invest at least a lot of time in your (personal) brand it will be hard for you to beat the competition.


Nevertheless there are ways to get promoted/featured for free on one of the few Tattoo pages Social Media has to offer.

  1. Add Instagram tag (@myttoos_tattoos) to each of your posted artwork
  2. Add hashtag #myttoos to each of your posted artwork
  3. Add @tattoos1 to each of your Facebook (Business Page) posts
  4. Follow us on FB & Instagram and make sure to engage with us.
  5. Submit your most liked (based on FB or IG Likes) here

These 5 steps are easily done and very important to get our attention. Without being aware of your work or getting notified of your latest tattoo there is no way we can share your work to our pages.

This does come with a small caveat as there are hundreds of artworks for us to go through and many will just fall through the grid. Dont give up though, we do reward people who also give something back to us. Social Media is all about giving first.

Want it even faster?

For those who dont want to leave their success to chance we do offer marketing campaigns targeted at Tattoo Artists who moved or opened a new tattoo studio, Tattoo shops that need to promote their Guest Artists or Tattoo Event owners who want to promote their Tattoo Convention. Even artists who want to grow their following to be more interesting for sponsors.

  1. Visit our Campaign Page
  2. Submit your Tattoo
  3. Lay back and see what happens

This does come with a caveat as we do not promote everyone. We are responsible for what we post to our fans and dont want any regrets.