About Us

Myttoos has been around for more than 7 years now. Our goal from the beginning was to connect artists, Tattoo Fans, Convention Organizers & Brands within the creative craft.

We started small with our Facebook Pages in 2009 growing really quickly to over 5 million fans up to 15 million fans today. Since then we deliver quality content to people mainly from Germany, Switzerland and Austria as well as UK and mainland Europe, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.  

On our way to where we are now we have met & worked with a couple of awesome people. From Filmmakers to Artists to Convention Organizers, Tattoo Magazine Publishers & Hollywood stars. The list includes people such as Richie Bulldog, Danny Trejo, The Tattoo Nation Movie, SkinDeep Magazine, Guy Aitchison, The Great British Tattoo Show & many more to come.

We have supported tattoo artists to increase their fans into the millions, we have helped them connect with potential sponsors, we still create awareness for small & big brands to reach the right audience.

About Us -

Our main goal is to create national & global awareness for lesser known artists, tattoo shows & artwork for everyone’s benefit.

As founder, Rob of Myttoos, (spoken my-tooth not my-tattoos), I have had the great fortune to be part of an industry/craft I could not have imagined during my studies as Digital Marketer at FH Bochum (Bachelor) & Manchester Metropolitan University (Masters). 

About Us -

As German getting stories told by Guy Aitchison (an icon in the craft) at dinner in Miami during the Tattoo La Palooza Convention weekend, how he tattooed Adolf Hitler on someone’s face for free with the words “He gets it for free but will pay his entire life” was quite adventurous, to say the least. Imagine running around with Adolf in your face…WTF!?!?!  Anyway, hanging out with Eddie Koloss & Richie Bulldog drinking some Booze in Miami, meeting Danny “The Machete” Trejo in LA or having fun behind the scenes at the GBTS in London.  This was a different world and I loved it.  

About Us -

Many years later and here we still are, ready to keep growing & supporting peers in the Tattoo Craft. We have created one of the largest Tattoo Convention & Event directories worldwide, promote events all over the world. We founded Rebelsmarket A marketplace for artwork, alternative fashion & apparel that rock & help vendors for non-mainstream products reach the right niche audience. Tattoo Artists can also sign up to Trueartists, our directory for Tattoo Artists to get listed & promoted or apply for Myttoos to get a custom social media influencer campaign to millions of people.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiry. Submit your Tattoo Convention, create brand awareness & stay on top of people’s mind.
Best Rob & the Myttoos team