100-Year-Old Great-Great-Granny Hires Hunky NAKED Butlers To Serve At Her Party!

100-Year-Old Great-Great-Granny Hires Hunky NAKED Butlers To Serve At Her Party!

Doll Jenkins wanted to do something really special for her 100th birthday so she decided to hire some hunks to serve her every need!

Not many people are blessed to see their 100th birthday. Reaching the century mark is a big deal and it does call for a reason to celebrate. People usually settle for making a 100th birthday special by spending some quality time with their near and dear ones, sharing cake and fond memories of a life well-lived. But there was one senior citizen who decided that she didn't want an ordinary birthday celebration for her 100th birthday. Doll Jenkins is a great-great-grandmother who knows how to throw a party.


The centenarian wanted to celebrate her landmark birthday in the grandest manner and thought of a rather racy way of ringing in her 100th birthday. Doll decided to recruit a pair of hunky butlers and asked them to ditch their clothes. That's right, the 100-year-old great-great-grandmother asked the staff at her retirement home to hire two naked butlers for her 100th birthday to serve up afternoon tea. The hunky men were called last year to serve the residents of the Milton Lodge a fancy three-course meal.


Doll was so impressed by their service that she requested two butlers to come back and celebrate her birthday. Senior carer Leigha Jones says that the centenarian was excited for her 100th birthday celebration with the naked butlers, and it showed on her face. The senior carer told members of the press that at first, Doll was a little shy at the sight of the nearly-naked hunks. But the centenarian soon found her way out of her shell and even spanked the naked servers!


Leigha said: "Her face just lit up when they came in, she was beaming. We all sat in the lounge area waiting for them and when they came in she was a bit taken aback. She told them to go and put some clothes on, but she soon came out of her shell and was flirting and smacking their bottoms. She loved it and she kept asking them to come back and say goodbye to her properly." The naughty nanny also asked the staff if they could 'go and find the naked men' after the butlers had left for the day. 


The 100-year-old great-great-grandmother's birthday bash pictures show her beaming as two handsome hunks give her a peck on her cheeks. Doll, who has six grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren, and four great, great grandchildren, was described as a gran with a young heart. Though she's been at Milton Lodge for over a year, Doll's happy presence is something that can't be missed, says senior carer Leigha. "She is a lot younger at heart - she still gets around and walks when she feels strong enough and she still laughs and jokes," said Leigha. "There is never a time when she is not smiling."


This is not the first time the nursing home had the handsome hunks over to entertain their residents. Last year, Milton Lodge made headlines when a group of semi-naked butlers served up a fancy three-course meal after the residents made an unusual request to the staff. The residents hoped that they could spend some good, quality time with men! So the staff decided to put together a fancy meal that would be served by saucy servers who were dressed in nothing but a cute little apron. 


As a part of their 'Sparkle' initiative, the staff at the nursing home raised enough money to hire a group of butlers who would serve them a fancy meal in the buff. The staff recruited the help of 'Hunks In Trunks' to serve up a fancy meal at Joan Corp's birthday party after the naughty nana asked staffers for 'a man'. The hunks also offered the blushing women massages as well, which they readily accepted. 


This was what had inspired Doll, who was also the oldest resident at the time, to call the Hunks in Trunks back for her own birthday. Doll's friends and family who were also a part of the celebrations all had a blast being served by the cheeky servers. If there's anything that this teaches us, it's that the age of a person doesn't matter as long as the heart knows what it wants!


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