Biggest Beauty Fails Of All Time, From Plucking Awful Brow Blunders To Bright Orange Fake Tan

Biggest Beauty Fails Of All Time, From Plucking Awful Brow Blunders To Bright Orange Fake Tan

WE’RE all guilty of the occasional foundation tideline or excessive bronzer, but these beauty fails are something to behold.

A hilarious and horrifying online gallery has revealed some of the biggest make-up blunders of all time – and they are sure to make your skills look MUA worthy.

Fabulous Digital reveals some of the biggest make-up disasters of all time


In many cases, excessive fake tan has taken these ladies from bronzed to brash thanks to their orange complexions.

But it isn’t just tan that these women can’t get enough of, with *very* heavy eye make-up enough to give you nightmares.

And far from ‘on fleek’ these mismatched and wonky eyebrows are enough to raise yours.

Whatever the blunder, these women certainly prove that less is more when it comes to your cosmetics bag…

Orange you gonna regret that?

Far from a sun-kissed glow, this woman looks like she has actually visited the sun


Shadow of a doubt

The harsh eye make-up and stick thin eyebrows make this look a tad OTT


Make-up mishap

There will be no missing this bold look at a party



The rainbow look might be on trend, but this might be taking it a step too far


Don’t contact me

This woman's piercing contact lenses are enough to give you nightmares


Lip service

You've got to hand it to her, this woman has perfected her coordination


Eye’ll be damned

It's a wonder this woman can see thanks to her enormous feather falsies


Eye sore

It's safe to say this woman may have overdone it when it came to her eye shadow


Tan fan?

It will have taken several layers of fake tan to achieve this ultra bronzed look


Eyebrow raising

Bushy eyebrows may be in style, but this woman has taken them to the extreme


Crossed the line

This woman proves that less is more when it comes to eyeliner

Leopard lips

This woman's intricately decorated lips certainly stand out from the crowd


Eye say!

Rather than a traditional pair of false lashes, this woman has opted for one statement lash



This woman is a lovely shade of Wotsit orange


Double trouble

These two ladies have perfectly coordinated their OTT looks


Eye sore

This woman needs to step away from her cosmetic bag


Brow down

This woman's eyebrows are far from 'on fleek'

Blonde blunder

The excessive eyelashes and over arched brows make this woman appear almost plastic


Brow raising

The shape of these brows leave a lot to be desired


The tide is high

Bronzer is clearly not this woman's forte







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