Celebrities Who Are Clearly Obsessed With Tattoos And Aren't Scared To Flaunt It!

Celebrities Who Are Clearly Obsessed With Tattoos And Aren't Scared To Flaunt It!

Most of our favorite celebrities are tattoo die-hards. Here are some celebs who are crazy about getting inked and love showing them off, too. 

Tattoos are a pretty popular way by which people express themselves. But it wasn't considered a norm before the trend caught on. People, especially celebrities, would avoid tattoos to make themselves look a lot more approachable. However, with a shifted perspective, many people began seeing tattoos for what they were - works of art. Now, most of our favorite celebrities are tattoo die-hards. Here are some celebs who are crazy about getting inked and love showing them off, too.  

1. Adam Levine


The lead singer of Maroon 5 recently finished a massive tattoo on his back which took six months to complete. 

2. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini


The singer has a few bespoke pieces of ink on her skin, but the most significant piece of them all is the medley of roses cascading down her lower back till her buttocks. 

3. Rihanna


Riri's tattoos are something that just adds to her sexiness. The singer sports an assorted number of tattoos, including one on her hand as well as on her sternum, just below her chest.

4. Lady Gaga


Fans would totally relate to the 'Shallow' singer's tattoos, but to the untrained eye, they may look totally random. Gaga added a large rose with the words 'la vie en rose' along her spine, adding to her other tattoos as well. 

5. Halle Berry


The actress surprised her fans with a recent picture that shows her sporting a back tattoo all along the entire length of her back. The stunning tattoo is of a simple plant stretching itself from the base of the actress's neck till her lower back. 

6. Rita Ora


Ora has a few bespoke pieces that appeal to her feminine side. The singer has a collection of tattoos which includes ballet dancers and a dove as well. 

7. Katy Perry


The recently engaged Perry has a number of tattoos and has steadily been adding to her growing collection. She has a tattoo of the name 'Jesus' on a wrist as a reminder of her spirituality. 

8. Miley Cyrus


Miley is known best for her collection of small, bespoke tattoos that honestly look like tiny stickers. She has several finger tattoos as well as a big dreamcatcher on her side. 

9. Demi Lovato


This singer has a whole lot of tattoos to flaunt. Demi is the proud owner of a lion tattoo on her hand which is a fitting company to the cross that stands next to it. She doesn't shy away from showing that she is personally connected to her spirituality.

10. Zayn Malik


Zayn Malik has an assortment of tattoos that can make any woman swoon. He even has the eyes or his current paramour Gigi Hadid tattooed on his body! The man is seriously dedicated to tattoos, and it shows. 

11. Johnny Depp


Our good ol'pirate has some ink that makes some people take the plunge and get inked. There are very few people who can carry off the minimal is the most aesthetic of tattoos, andJohnny Depp is one of them. 

12. Angelina Jolie


Our favorite bad girl from the 90s can't be missing from this list. Although Jolie has shed her 'bad girl' 90s image where it belonged, her tattoos remain..well, somewhat the same. She had previously decided to boast a tattoo of her ex-flame Billie Bob Thorton's name on her arm, but decided with an alternate instead. Now she has the coordinates of the places where her children were born. 

13. Kehlani


This singer boasts a tiny paper play just under her left eye. Kehlani has some other ink to accompany the one on her face, and her aesthetic seems to suit her general style. 

14. Justin Bieber


This kid star really did show up for the glow up. There's no doubting that Bieber's style evolved with the times, but the musician has since added on to his spiritual side with some befitting tattoos.

15. Drake


Not as intense as Bieber's body art, but equally eye-catching nonetheless. Drake has a tattoo of a few of his favorite artists on his back. Added to that, he has portraits of his mum and dad on his back as well. 

16. David Beckham


No one can bend it like he does. Beckham's tattoos are something many women's dreams are made of. There's no doubting the sexiness of the tattoos coupled with a near-perfect body and face. He may not be a celebrity, that's true, but he has to make it on this list

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