Woman Left Ten Minutes Away From Death After Online Date Launches Vicious FOUR HOUR Attack On First Date

Woman Left Ten Minutes Away From Death After Online Date Launches Vicious FOUR HOUR Attack On First Date

Elaine Caparroz endured a terrifying four-hour attack by a man she was on a date with. The victim was attacked by 27-year-old law student Vinicius Serra inside her apartment.

Shocking images of a woman's vicious attack that left her ten minutes away from death have gone viral on the internet. According to reports, the images are of an Elaine Caparroz who sustained horrific facial injuries after a terrifying four-hour attack by a man she was on a date with. The 57-year-old was attacked by 27-year-old law student Vinicius Serra inside her apartment in Rio de Janeiro.


As a result of the horrifying attack, Caparroz sustained multiple injuries to her face, which included a broken nose as well as severely-damaged orbital bones, which are located around the eye. The 57-year-old even sustained severe injuries inside her mouth and needed more than 40 stitches to fix the damages, and lost teeth during the horrifying ordeal as well. Caparroz's face also sustained several fractures as well. 


Neighbors were alerted to the horrific attack after hearing her desperate cries for help. They sought the help of the apartment's security guard who told police that had he taken a few more minutes to enter the Caparroz's apartment, she would not be alive today. When the apartment's security guards entered the building, they found the barely-recognizable victim lying on the floor of the apartment. The apartment also showed signs of a struggle and had blood splattered all through the rooms. Serra reportedly tried to flee the scene of the crime but was overpowered by the guards who had blocked his exits. 


Caparroz allegedly met Serra online and the couple had been talking online for over eight months before she invited him over. The 57-year-old, who owns a landscaping business, told media outlets that she had felt comfortable with calling him over after assuming that she got to know him through their conversations online. Caparroz said: "We talked online for a long time and I thought our friendship would evolve into something really good. When I invited him to my apartment, I felt confident and comfortable in doing so. I believed I knew him from our conversations."


As per the victim's report, the terrifying attack began after the pair had fallen asleep. Caparroz said that Serra had suggested to her that they 'cuddle up', asking her to lie on his shoulder so that they could sleep 'wrapped up' together. She had agreed but was woken up hours later by the brutal assault. Speaking from her hospital bed, Caparroz recalled the horrifying ordeal. "He just kept on screaming and swearing at me. He was beating me so much, so hard. The punches were so strong. I tried to defend myself but each punch he gave me I thought I was going to die," she said. 


Caparroz, who is the widow of MMA legend Ryan Gracie, was able to stave off the attack by countering Serra's vicious punches with a Jiu-Jitsu move called the 'X Defence' which reportedly saved her life. But that still did not stop Serra from throwing the deadly punches. "He tried to put me in a stranglehold. I put my hands up to prevent him from completing the move, but then he bit me on my arms," said a shaken Caparroz. Her son Rayron Gracie took time off his Jui-Jitsu training to spend time with his mother while she recuperated. He posted a picture hugging his injured mother, captioning the snap 'Warrior'. 


Serra was immediately detained by the police, who believe that the attack was deliberate. Security personnel at the apartment told investigators that he used a fake name to sign in when he was entering the building. Detective Adriana Belém said: "We believed this is a case of attempted femicide. We still do not know the motivation for the crime and we are working on piecing the facts together. The aggression lasted for over four hours which leads us to believe the attack was premeditated. I find it inconceivable that he had a psychotic outbreak but he has already claimed that he doesn't remember anything."


Serra, on the other hand, told the authorities that he had a temporary 'psychotic outbreak' which 'forced' him to 'hit Elaine [Caparroz] for hours'. He also told investigators that he had consumed a lot of wine before he had fallen asleep. A judge ruled that Serra remains in detention pending further investigation. The magistrate also said that if the suspect is released from detention, it could add to the psychological trauma of the victim. 


Caparroz told the media that she is set to recover well. "I will be fine. I will soon be in good shape," she said. But the scars are far deeper, claims the victim's brother Rogerio Peres. "Her face is still very swollen, she cannot even open her right eye. The moment she looked at herself in the mirror, she was very shaken and [realized] the gravity of what had happened to her," he told oglobonews.Though the journey ahead seems like a tough one, Caparroz is said to be stable and has had a steady outpouring of love and empathy from friends, family, and followers. As for Serra, he will be required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to assess the state of his mind. If he is found guilty, the 27-year-old law student will face up to 30 years in prison. 


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