Inkpirational: The Most Emotionally Charged Moments From Ink Masters

Inkpirational: The Most Emotionally Charged Moments From Ink Masters

Even a pro artist with years of experience can find some of these pieces challenging. Here are some of the toughest tasks on Ink Masters. 

Ink Masters is one of those shows that allows us to watch the artistic process of tattooing come alive. The television show has been running for 11 seasons and has a range of tasks and challenges to put the best tattoo artist through the wringer. It can be really difficult to pick the good artist from the greatest, which is why with each season, the show has brought on some very intense challenges that really put the tattoo artist to the test. Even a pro artist with years of experience can find some of these pieces challenging. Here are some of the toughest tasks on Ink Masters. 

1. Pin-up tattoos (all the seasons)


The pin-up challenge has to be the most difficult task that the tattoo artists were given. This challenge requires the artists to come up with an anatomically-accurate rendition of a classic pinup girl within a frame of six hours. Getting those details perfect in such a short amount of time can be a little tough, making this a hard challenge. 

2. Under Chins (Season 10)


Tattooing can be a challenge especially when the art is located in a weird spot. The under-chin tattoo challenge was a difficult task given the fact that the surface is hard the work with. Added to that, the artists were required to make an aesthetically pleasing design that would look good at any angle that it is seen in. 

3. 24-Hour Head Tattoos (Season 10)


For their final challenge, the artists were challenged with getting a massive headpiece prepped and ready to be tattooed onto a canvas. The difficulties that the artists may have faced during this challenge is that they had to create an entire look on a person's skull during a 24-hour sitting. More than the artist, the client's patience is what is truly admirable. 

4. Armpit Tattoo (Season 9) 


Tickle, tickle, tickle! Except with a bunch of needles puncturing your skin and depositing a small amount of in under your epidermis. Inking under the armpit is a challenge for both the client as well as the tattoo artist, who has to constantly keep their client comfortable while remaining calm and collected while tattooing a potentially squirmy client. 

5. Victorian Throat Tattoos (Season 6)


Victorian tattoos are just like under-the-chin tattoos, except they're more centralized to the middle of the neck. This area of the body is very elastic as well as very thin. This could be a very challenging medium for tattoo artists. 

6. Two Day Head Tattoos (Season 8)


This tattoo challenge made two artists combine their creativity. The task was to start one design, and then join it with another artist's work. It sounds easy, but it can be tough to adopt another style when a person is used to one specific genre of tattooing. 

7. Smoking Scars (Season 8)

Source: Screenshot/Paramount

Tattoos are a pretty great way of covering up scars with a piece of art. But for this challenge, the competitors were given people who had difficult scars to cover, like the tracheotomy scar above. However, some artists were able to pull through splendidly. 

8. Palm Tattoos (Season 8)

Source Screenshot/Paramount

The palm is probably one of the most painful spots to get a tattoo. So when the artists were given this challenge, they were already prepared to face a whole new level of difficulties with tattooing a person's palm, especially given the fact that the artists were inexperienced themselves. 

9. 4-On -1 Tattoos (Season 6)

Source: Screenshot/Paramount

This challenge saw the tattoo artists really stretching out their physical endurance. The challenge also proved to be a bit too much for the human canvas who volunteered to get inked. The client had a minor panic attack and didn't even allow the artists to complete the challenge!

10. Virgin Canvases (Season 5)

Source: Screenshot/Paramount

The number one challenge that tattoo artists face is trying to make a first-timer comfortable in their skin. Inking someone for the first time can be really challenging, and added to that, these tasks last over six hours, which can make the experience all the more difficult for the person. 

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