Internet lashes out at Dad’s Disneyland April Fools’ prank on son.

Internet lashes out at Dad’s Disneyland April Fools’ prank on son.

Joe Heenan, from Glasgow, tweeted a snap of his devastated son with his suitcase outside the budget store.

Remember when you were a kid and any mention of Disneyland had you on the verge of hyperventilating with excitement? Imagine tricking your kid into believing that their dreams are soon to become a reality - quite possibly the cruellest thing you could do. But also very, very entertaining.

Stand up comedian Joe Heenan told his son that he was going somewhere ending with 'land' and the little LAD put two and two together and decided it could only mean one thing... but he was disappointed to later find himself stood outside Poundland with his suitcase.



Joe, from Glasgow, revealed that he was actually pranking his son for April Fool's Day and the tweet has now racked up over 2,000 likes.

Some people aren't best pleased with him though. One person dubbed him a 'monster', with another writing: "As a now grown victim of these 'jokes' please stop, you are teaching him not to trust you or adults and setting him up for [a] lifetime [of] anxiety."

Others called for the schoolboy to make sure his dad buys him tickets following the fiasco. One said: "Bad, daddy! Bad, daddy! @Disney @DisneyParis_EN @DisneylandParis @Disneyland @DisneylandToday @DisneyWorlds need to send this boy some free tickets, but make his dad wait in the parking lot!"



Another added: "And one day he will take you to a home and say 'dad, you are just staying here for a short holiday' and never come back to see you again. Maybe it will be on April 1st too!" Ooooh, harsh.

Someone else commented: "Well ya going have to take him to Disneyland now. Ya can't pull something like that and not have a backup card."



Unfortunately (for Joe's children) this isn't the first time he's pulled a fast one like this. Back in 2016 he 'bought' a new iPad - only for them to find the words 'APRIL FOOL! HAHA' inside the otherwise empty box. Oh Jesus, this bloke is Ruthless, with a capital 'R'.

Can't wait to see what prank he has in store for next year.

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