Lady Gaga's Racy Performance On The Oscars Stage Is Not The Only AWKWARD Thing The Singer Has Done In The Past Few Years

Lady Gaga's Racy Performance On The Oscars Stage Is Not The Only AWKWARD Thing The Singer Has Done In The Past Few Years

After their very awkward Oscar performance, it seems like Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper are in hot water. But Gaga has so many weird moments under her belt, that her lusting after her co-star will honestly be forgotten.

Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper really managed to capture our attention with their spell-binding chemistry on the sets of the movie 'A Star Is Born'. But the pair has been giving people some serious doubts with their off-camera chemistry that's a little too suspicious to shake off. Gaga recently took home an Oscar for the best original song at the recent academy award ceremony. Later on, Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper put on a performance that made people wonder if there was something that was happening between the 'Telephone' singer and 'The Hangover' actor. But thankfully, Gaga has so many weird moments under her belt, that her lusting after her co-star will honestly be forgotten. Here are some of the weirdest things that Lady Gaga has ever done.

1. Made herself bleed on stage


Gaga is known for her powerful performances and her honest-to-god unforgettable stage presence. But during the 2009 VMAs, Gaga went a notch higher with her performance prowess. In the middle of singing her hit song Paparazzi, Gaga, who was wearing a stark white leotard, began bleeding from her heart. Though it was just a stage trick to add to her performance, the sight of Gaga's bleeding heart is something that her fans haven't forgotten. 

2. Entered an award show riding a 'human horse'


A few years after her heavy performance on the AMA stage, Gaga wanted to make a grand entrance, and boy did she. Lady Gaga has always been known for her extra behavior, so the paps were not surprised when the singer walked the red carpet while riding a 'unicorn' which was controlled by humans. The singer was dressed in a beautiful lilac gown while she arrived on a mechanical unicorn. 

3. Wore a dress made out of meat


This one is a little hard to forget because of the number of vegetarians and animal rights activists this seemed to bother. A year after Lady Gaga bled from her heart on stage, she walked the red carpet in a dress that was made out of meat. That didn't really sit well with too many people who called her insensitive for wearing such an outfit. But that wouldn't stop Gaga from doing other radically weird things. 

4. Arrived at The Grammys in an egg and didn't emerge till her performance


If you thought that Gaga arriving on a mechanical unicorn was weird, her 2011 Grammy entrance is something that has also been permanently etched in our heads. No one knew what Lady Gaga wore on the red carpet that year given the fact that the singer arrived at the awards show in an egg. She was carried by her backup dancers and didn't emerge from her egg until she needed to perform. She really cracked the code for being absolutely memorable. 

5. Had a backup dancer throw up on her 


There is no doubting Gaga's ability to capture the audience's attention, but at the 2014 SXSW Festival in Texas, the singer shocked the audience with her performance on stage. Lady Gaga was accused of perpetrating an eating disorder when she had a performance artist swallow a green-colored substance and throw it up onto her while she energetically smashed a drum. 

6. Met the Queen of England while wearing a ridiculous costume


When Gaga performs on stage, expect some grand entrance or a weird costume or two. That's something that no one mentioned to The Queen when she met the artist after Gaga's performance at the 2009 Royal Variety Performance. Gaga enthralled the audience with her performance of her song 'Speechless' while being hoisted up in the air. But the singer didn't change out of her stage costume when she met the head of the British Royal Family. 

7. Showed up in drag for an awards show


A lot of performers have alter egos that they often draw out when they're performing. Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, and like her Lady Gaga also has an alter ego that showed up during the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in the form of one Jo Calderone, a greasy, cigarette-smoking New Yorker who wasn't one bit apologetic about his appearance. The stunt seemed to confuse people more than amuse them, and the memory of Jo lives on thanks to its absurdity. 

8. Managed to scare Eminem while accepting a reward


No one can forget this one. During the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Eminem was considerably surprised at the winner's outfit. Gaga showed up wearing a red lace Alexander McQueen dress that came with a crown and a mask that covered her face. When she received an award, Gaga ripped off the mask and thanked her fans profusely, but not before leaving Eminem looking considerably worried. 

9. Turned Blood and Semen into a perfume


Lady Gaga decided to release a perfume that used a 'push-pull technology' to combine notes of Atropa belladonna, tiger orchid, incense, apricot, saffron, and honey. But the singer said that she wanted the scent to smell like 'blood and semen'. Gaga didn't mean it in the literal sense, but stated that the perfume's scent was based on the molecular structure of semen and blood. Small comforts, right?   

10. Turned Kermit into a cloak


Lady Gaga appeared on German Television in a cloak made up of many Kermits. But it has to be noted that the piece, designed by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac was made as a protest against wearing fur. But Kermit the frog had no issues in seeing his likeness used as a coat. He even attended the 2009 VMAs with Lady Gaga as her date. Talk about a fashionably forward frog!

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