Man Uses Woman Snapchat Filter to Get More Than 300 Matches on Tinder Profile

Man Uses Woman Snapchat Filter to Get More Than 300 Matches on Tinder Profile

A new filter has been released and it changes the user's appearance to that of the other gender. And the boys are loving it. One guy even used it to great success on Tinder.

Snapchat was released in 2011 and, since then, has risen to having over 187 million daily active users with over 10 billion daily video views. Its original aim was to let people have fun without worrying about what they look like because the photos and videos disappear all disappear. Since then, it has taken off and people now use it for messaging and staying in contact generally, as well as for sending funny photos.

Snapchat's also well known for its filters, which alter the user's appearance. A lot of the filters make the user look silly, with dog ears, or a devil's face, or a giant mouth, but now people have found their favorite filter. A new filter has been released and it changes the user's appearance to that of the other gender. And the boys are loving it. One guy even used it to great success on Tinder.

Wait until you see what happened! But first, have you seen the baby filter?

Imagine what these guys would have been like in the playground.



One of Snapchat’s most popular filters makes people look like babies.

The Avengers look too cute as babies! Although Tom Holland doesn’t look that different…

Basketballers weren't always tall.



Could you imagine coming up against these guys on the court? They’d be able to go through any player’s legs!

The beards are a bit creepy though.

What if One Direction had been a girl band?



The 1D boys were already pretty guys with a lot of hair, but someone used Snapchat to see what they would have looked like if they were girls.

They all look so delicate.

Guys, in particular, are loving the new Snapchat filter.




It allows everyone to see what they would look like as the other gender.

Guys are finding themselves to suddenly be coquettish and posy. The results are great.

Some of the results have been quite surprising.



One man found that the Snapchat filter made him look just like Gina from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

How did that happen?

People are having a lot of fun with the new filter.




Some guys are finding problems with the new filter, though.




The Snapchat filter is turning regular looking guys into pretty, sparkling women, and they’re really enjoying it.

Who wouldn’t love it? It’s such a fun game.

Guys are posting their photos, pretending to be women.

It turns out a lot of guys are now getting confused about who they’re ogling.

The filter isn't all fun and games.




As people use the app to “swap genders” they are ignoring the fact that they are enjoying the same process that trans people go through.

Maybe this can start to reduce the stigma around being trans.

Almost everyone has tried it.

The filter is a great way to make people discover a different aspect of themselves in a fun, light-hearted way.

Snapchat is actually highlighting important social issues here.




The fact that people can look different so easily and appear as a different gender highlights how arbitrary gender really is.

Looking different in a photo doesn’t make you different on the inside, but it does affect the way that people see you. Who’d have thought that Snapchat could get so deep?

People have noticed a gender gap in the Snapchat filter.




While guys seem to love the new female version of themselves in the filter, girls are having a bit of a different experience…

Some men are really disappointed.




When it seems like every guy is turned into a beautiful woman, it must be hard to discover that you’re the odd one out.

Women are all having a similar response.




The Snapchat filter for men adds long eyelashes, luscious hair, and smooth skin. The filter for women seems to make the face broader and with stubble.

It’s not a pretty sight.

Some people aren't happy about the new trend.




A lot of men have said that they find themselves very attractive as women.

But is that an appropriation of the Instagay culture, or is it just that the Snapchat filter is very effective at creating flawless women?

It's nice to be supportive.




This Snapchat-user has a nice perspective. It’s true that everyone talking about the filters is a dream come true for the Snapchat marketing team, but it is also lovely to hear so many people being so positive about their results.

How much thought do you give to hair?




The Snapchat filters don’t actually do that much to change our appearances. The male appearance adds stubble and makes the jaw wider; the female appearance adds long hair, smooths the skin and chisels the jawline.

But, increasingly, men and women are wearing their hair in different ways regardless of gender. It really is crazy to think that it is making all the difference for gender identity.

One guy decided to have a bit of fun with the filter's results.




Jake used the Snapchat filter to have some fun on Tinder.

He does look very much like a girl.

Wait until you see what he looks like in real life!

The men of Tinder couldn't get enough.




After less than a day, Jake had over 1,500 likes.

It would seem that the men of Derby, UK were very much enjoying “Jess'” Tinder profile.

People are sceptical about Jake's track record.




After Jake revealed how many likes his new Tinder profile had, one person was quick to suggest that he was far more popular as a girl than a guy.

Of course, it’s a very unfair comparison, not just because of the different behaviors of men compared to women on Tinder, but also because the filter creates a very smooth appearance of a woman, which is very unrealistic. Give the guy a break.

No one wants to hear this.




One Tinder-user very excitedly started to tell Jake about his large “pork sword.”

Does that term ever work in making girls like him?




The "gender swap" has led to some realizations about gender inequality.




Jake seemed to discover how many leery engagements women are subjected to in life.

It’s not pleasant, and it would be useful if more men could realize what it’s like so that maybe the number could be reduced.

The messages came through quickly and without encouragement.



Seeing the messages posted on Tinder from a guy seemed to make people realize what really goes on on Tinder.

It’s unpleasant and should not still be happening in this day and age.

Some people are looking for help.




This Twitter-user has seen Jake’s success on Tinder and wants to know how she can do the same.

Tinder can be a tough game and it can be hard to win if you don’t know the rules.

Jake his happy to monetize his discovery.




Jake obviously knows how to get good results on Tinder. He got more likes in his first 24hrs than many people get in a year.

This could turn into a real successful business for Jake if he plays it right.

People are keen to get his help.




Even if he has been treating it as a joke, Jake is getting results.

Everyone is interested in Jake now.




People have really taken to Jake’s story, and it now has over 13,000 likes on Twitter.

As he pointed out, it’s a reflection of how popular he’s proving to be on Tinder

Maybe there are some perks of living in quieter places.




If nothing is going on in the area, people are always going to make their own fun. This may be a direct result of that…

The Snapchat filter is proving to be very confusing.




Not only does the Snapchat filter make guys look like very pretty girls, it also looks believable.

It’s no wonder that people fell for it on Tinder.

Jake is almost unrecognizable as his true self.

For the avoidance of doubt, Jake is the one on the left. The guy with a beard. That’s who over 1,500 guys liked on Tinder, thinking he was a girl.

It just goes to show that you shouldn’t trust everything you see on the internet!

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