Mum, 27, rushed to hospital after infected tongue piercing she got on Magaluf holiday left her ‘in agony’

Mum, 27, rushed to hospital after infected tongue piercing she got on Magaluf holiday left her ‘in agony’

A MUM was left terrified after being raced to A&E when a tongue piercing she got in Magaluf left her in "agony" and unable to eat.

Stacey Loder, 27, was on a trip in the party town in Majorca with her pals when she decided to get the £22 piercing done.

Stacey Loder was rushed to hospital after her Magaluf tongue piercing got infected


But she was left unable to eat or talk on the all inclusive holiday after the bar caused her tongue to swell up.
Stacey had to be rushed to hospital when she arrived back in the UK and was told she faced surgery if medics couldn't remove the bar - but thankfully they were able to unscrew it.
The mum, from Bideford, Devon, told The Sun Online: "It was terrifying. My tongue was infected so I had to be taken from one hospital to another with the blue lights flashing.
"It was definitely the worst experience of my life, I was in complete agony and needed eight injections in my tongue before the doctor could remove it.
"They also said I might need surgery which was so scary but thankfully it turned out OK.
"I'm not sure I'll be getting any more piercings though."

Stacey, who has four lip piercings and both her nipples pierced, got the bar through her tongue on May 22 - the second to last day of her trip.
She said it was "fine" at first but the next morning, the pain was "excruciating" and she couldn't even see the bar as her tongue was so swollen.
Stacey, who works in digital marketing, said: "I was quite drunk when I got it done but I made sure it was a proper tattoo place and was happy to pay more for it.
"The man said he would have to use a smaller bar because I am tongue-tied, which makes the piercing harder, but I trusted him as he seemed to know what he was doing.
"But the next morning when I should have been enjoying my last day of free food and drink, I was in so much pain instead and couldn't even eat.
"When I arrived back in the UK, I was in agony and screaming and crying so I went to the hospital and was given steroids.
"But the infection didn't clear up and I had to be rushed to another hospital to see a specialist facial doctor to remove the bar."
Stacey is now thankfully fine and hasn't suffered any lasting damage to her tongue.
But she has warned others of getting a piercing done abroad - even if the place seems legitimate.
The mum said: "I thought it would be OK because the parlour seemed like it was proper and they knew what they were talking about but you can clearly never be too sure.
"I've certainly learnt my lesson."

Stacey faced having surgery after her tongue swelled up


She said the bar used was too small for her mouth


Stacey has now learnt her lesson




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