Pet Pig Named ‘Princess' Slaughtered By Neighbor While Police Searched For Owners.

Pet Pig Named ‘Princess' Slaughtered By Neighbor While Police Searched For Owners.

This nearly 400-pound pet pig named Princess wandered out of her pen in California, so police asked a neighbor to watch her while they looked for her owner. When they got back, Princess was being butchered.

You only call a pig 'Princess' when you definitely don't want to have it on your Sunday morning butties, don't you?

So you can only imagine how mortified this pig's owners were when their beloved family pet - a 400lb porker called Princess - was slaughtered by a neighbour after she went missing.


Princess was found by police in a neighbour's yard.


According to the MailOnline, Princess had left her pen at owner Carrie Hogan's mother's house in Arcata, California, on 23 March.

She decided to wander around the area and was spotted in a neighbour's yard by police who asked the man to keep an eye on the animal while they attempted to find her owner.

The man agreed to look after Princess - who was wearing no identification tags - but only an hour later, when the police returned, he had cut her up for meat.

Arcata Police Department Chief Brian Ahearn stood by the deal they made with the man, saying that they had reached a 'reasonable arrangement'.




He told the Lost Coast Outpost: "We were totally shocked and surprised to learn that the pig had been slaughtered. There was no reason to believe that that individual was going to do that."

APD Lt, Todd Dockweiler, then explained to SFGate: "Believe it or not, that's not a super uncommon call for us. Obviously that was a bit of a shock to everyone involved.

"Given the stage of the butchering process he was in, he must have slaughtered the pig very shortly after the officer left.

"It's just a really bizarre case,' he added. 'It's just not clear what the thought process was. He obviously knew the pig didn't belong to him and he didn't have the right to slaughter it."

Princess' owner said she was upset that the police allowed a stranger to watch over her pig, adding: "He took it upon himself to give my animal away. And then it got butchered."

Carrie explained how she had raised Princess since she was a piglet. She had fed her using a bottle and she described her as a 'very sweet' pig who liked 'to be around people'.


Within an hour of agreeing to look after Princess, the man had killed her.



Carrie's mum confronted the man as he was still cutting up the pig but he said she had 'no right to be on this property', according to Carrie.

The family are now fighting to retrieve Princess' meat. She has no plans to eat her pig, but doesn't want anyone else to either.

According to SFGate, slaughtering a pig that doesn't belong to you is a crime and officers are expecting to forward a criminal charge after the investigation is complete.

The Reactions
When Humboldt Paws Cause posted the sad update, people responded with shock.

Kim Cromwell wrote:

“What the heck happened? Where does someone take it upon himself to kill someone else’s pet/family member? Why didn’t the police hold on to it or get ahold of the owners? Could have called someone in the 4 H group or the FFA people!!! Someone mentioned earlier that it belonged to one of their students and it was under control. The officer who placed the pig into that man’s so-called care and the man who killed the pig, should both be punished.😭😭😭”


A 'very sweet' pig who liked 'to be around people'.



Krystal Lynn Tronboll commented:

“I’m following this case, and looking forward to his name being released. I hope he’s charged with more than just “theft of livestock.” I’d like to see him used to set a precedence of pig abusers being punished as severely as cat and dog abusers. If anyone sees updates, please tag me, or contact me directly.”

Frank March wrote:

“This is sad. Pig Princess looks like she was such a fine porker and loving family pet. Pigs are among the smartest animals that God created and mankind has treated its pigs with great cruelty and this is part of the great pattern of cruelty toward these intelligent and loving creatures. This particular pig was a pet and family member. Its slaughter is no less than murder. The person who did this should be subjected to an appropriate level of scorn and ridicule.”

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