Size 10 mum is crowdfunding to get £5k op to reduce her 32K boobs because they’re ruining her life

Size 10 mum is crowdfunding to get £5k op to reduce her 32K boobs because they’re ruining her life

A SIZE 10 mum says her 32K boobs are ‘ruining her life’ to the point where she’s trying to raise money to have them reduced privately.

Natalie Donnan, 21, says she always had a large chest, and by age 11 she was a 32FF.

Natalie says she now wears a size 32K bra


Natalie says she’s been teased about the size of her breasts since she was at school, saying: “I remember I kept looking at myself in the mirror before school thinking why I didn't look like everyone else.”
But following the birth of her daughter last October, Natalie went up a staggering eight bra sizes, with docs baffled as to why her breasts are so out of proportion to the rest of her body.
Natalie, from Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, says her giant boobs are affecting her health, with the mum unable to find bras which fit or go to the gym, or even walk long distances.
As a result she’s now trying to raise £5,000 to have them reduced privately, as she felt the NHS waiting list was too long.

She says she always had large breasts, pictured here aged 13


Natalie, a former ferry stewardess, said: “They've ruined my life in a lot of ways.
"It's affected everything from my body image to being able to buy clothes and bras that fit me.
"They attract unwanted attention all the time and I hate it.
"I was at work once on a late shift and all these drunk men were hitting on me. It made me feel pretty uncomfortable, it was horrible.

Natalie says she wears baggy clothes as she gets a lot of unwanted attention


"I don't want to wear anything that I feel is sexy and I can't wear anything that will give me full support.
"It makes it difficult to find a boyfriend who genuinely cares about me. If I use dating apps all the messages I get are always about my boobs.
"It feels really degrading, it's not the kind of attention I want from people."

Natalie ends up with a lot of unwanted attention due to her chest


She covers up her chest bow with baggy clothes, even wearing her dad’s old jackets.
And she’s unable to exercise due to back pain, saying: "I can't work out properly, I want to but any form of physical exercise is very difficult .
“My mental health and my physical health suffered; I struggle to breathe when exercising or when looking after my daughter.

She's now crowdfunding to raise money to get them reduced


“My breasts make it difficult for me to complete even a simple task, causing me backache and shoulder pain which I am on painkillers for.
“My mental health is suffering greatly, I take antidepressants as I suffer from depression, anxiety and body dysmorphia as a result of my giant breasts.
"I had to go three months wearing a bra that didn't fit because high street shops couldn't sell one which was my size and I couldn't afford £45 for a new one.”

Natalie says she had to wait weeks to save up for a bra which fitted properly.


She’s resorted to trying to raise the cash privately, saying: “I have been put on the waiting list for a breast reduction but I feel I cannot wait several years for this.
“My health is suffering and they are stopping me from carrying out things in my day to day life.”
And she hit back at women who claim they would “love” to have her figure, saying: “I think it's made out to be better than it is.

Natalie hope to raise £5,000 to go private


"People don't realise the health implications like the back pain.
"It's causing medical issues and it's not something that's self-afflicted, it's not something that I've wanted."
She hoped that after the breast reduction she'll be able to live a "normal, pain-free" life.

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