Student's Tattoo Removal Surgery Turns Out To Be A Real Skin Nightmare!

Student's Tattoo Removal Surgery Turns Out To Be A Real Skin Nightmare!

She decided to go through a tattoo removal process which left her with excruciating pain for three months during which her skin became dangerously sensitive!

There's no dearth of horror stories regarding tattoo removal, but this incident clearly takes nightmare tattoo art to a whole new level. Pasuda Reaw, a student from Thailand, made up her mind to remove a chest and collarbone tattoo of a rose but was left with excruciating pain soon after.



It is claimed that usually a tattoo remover cream is applied through the same needle used for tattooing and the chemicals in the cream destroys the tattoo, which turns into a mass of removable scabs. 



But Pasuda later realized it would be complicated for her. She shared the removal procedure on a day-by-day basis and on day one it seemed to be all going fine as the tattoo seemed to be peeling. A few days after, the tattooed area became infected and pus was coming out. 


The infection cleared off later and the skin started to peel. But sadly it wasn't over for Pasuda after all. Her skin became very delicate and sensitive and bled with the slightest contact made. The scar did not turn back to her skin color and instead looked more like a burn. 


The hard-hitting truth about the incident was that the scar still persisted for three months. Pasuda shared her traumatic experience online to raise awareness about such harmful tattoo removal techniques and for people to steer clear away from them. 


According to the Huffington Post, Pasuda shared on Facebook about the removal process where she said that, at one point, her wound was so itchy it would wake her up in the middle of the night because she felt like her skin would explode. This resulted in her peeling the tattoo away from her skin. 


She told her Facebook followers that she does not recommend this kind of tattoo removal and would rather opt for laser treatment which is a lot safer and painless treatment. AccFiras Al-Naimi, a dermatologist at the "Sk:in Clinics", told, "Tattoos are exogenous ink particles inserted deep in the skin largely for decorative purposes. Tattoo removal practices have evolved over centuries from using salt and chemical products to destructive therapies that have resulted in significant scarring."


"In order to remove the tattoos, which are found in the lower part of the skin called the dermis, it is best to shatter the particles into much smaller particles without injuring the surroundings to minimize scarring," he added. 


Al-Naimi further said that the best and fastest way to remove tattoos is through laser treatment. He told, "Tattoo removal methods using chemicals should be discouraged and not used as it is non-selective and carries a high risk of scarring such as in this unfortunate case."


Stuart Gale, the owner as well as the chief pharmacist of Oxford Online Pharmacy, says, "Patients should only ever use a CQC registered service which employs approved laser removal technicians, for tattoo removal."


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