Tattoos That Will Keep Game Of Thrones Alive Forever!

Tattoos That Will Keep Game Of Thrones Alive Forever!

You may want to consider honoring the show's final season the same way its stars did: by getting inked.

Have you been rooting for Daenerys ever since she walked through fire? Prove it with the House Targaryen sigil inked on your back for all to see.



"Valar morghulis" ("all men must die") may be a customary phrase in Essos, but it's also a perfect summation of the show it belongs to.



Despite what superfans say, Sophie Turner didn't entirely spoil the fate of House Stark last June with her direwolf tattoo. But even if the remaining pack of Stark children don't make it to the very end, at least their sigil can live forever in one cool tattoo.




With Ellaria stuck as Cersei's prisoner in King's Landing, the fate of Dorne's ruling house is currently unknown — but that doesn't mean their motto will go extinct, too.




Pour one out for Arya's "dancing" teacher Syrio Forel, who taught us that the best thing to say to death is "not today."



Just in case you're going to miss getting chills hearing Daenerys say this bone-chilling command.



But if one word in High Valyrian isn't enough to soothe your nostalgia, consider inking all three of Dany's children (Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion) on your wrist — just like Emilia Clarke's tattoo IRL.



An alternative to getting Peter Dinklage's face inked on your chest forever. After all, you're not Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.



Unfortunately, you'll never own Longclaw in real life, so you might as well get the second-best option — Valyrian steel not included.



The most underrated characters on Game of Thrones: the Stark direwolves. Speaking of, can Nymeria come home now?



No one knows who will sit on the throne come the final episode of Game of Thrones, but we can only hope whoever they are will fulfill Daenerys' promise to break the wheel.



We're already getting nightmarish flashbacks to the Night King resurrecting Viserion beyond the Wall.




Don't @ Bran.



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