The New 2019 Emojis Are Here And One In Particular Has People Talking!

The New 2019 Emojis Are Here And One In Particular Has People Talking!

Among the pile includes a sloth, a yawning face, and a falafel, to name a few. But already receiving plenty of attention is the pinching hand emoji, because well, it totally symbolises a small penis.

Emojis have been a language of love for some people for years. They can brighten up a text message, enliven the group chat and show a mate what we really think of their cheesy joke.

You can accurately convey a message using simple symbols and people on the other end can totally understand what you're saying or how you feel.

Every year brings more emojis to add to the incredible library already on our phones. Whether the newbies are included for diversity or inclusion or just because people are desperate to have a taco symbol or a middle finger sign.

Well, the new batch of emojis has been unveiled and there are some absolute crackers we can't wait to use.

Take the 'pinching hand' emoji for example.




Yes, while that most certainly does look like a hand ready to pinch someone or something, it also looks a hell of a lot like the symbol for when you want to say something is small.

While you could use it to say that anything is small, we know for damn sure it'll apply pretty much solely to penis size.

It seems as though people on the internet agree:







"Maybe this upcoming emoji will be useful as a response to unsolicited dick pics," wrote one person.

"Pack it up fellas, every girl just gained the ability to win an argument in just one emoji," said another.

A third added: "Somebody send you the pinching hand emoji back and you just gotta throw your whole phone away."

If you're the type to use aubergine emojis a lot then prepare to get this emoji straight back.

But fear not, there are other emojis waiting for our use that don't relate to penis size or even vagina size for that matter.

We'll also get a yawning face, different people who are deaf, blind and unable to walk. We'll get different skin colours for partnered people, meaning two women, two men or a man and woman of differing skin tones can hold hands now.




We've got two types of service dogs, an otter, flamingo, orangutan, skunk, Jupiter, garlic, dumplings, onion, waffles, ballet shoes, parachuting, a new temple, drop of blood, kite, yo-yo, tuk tuk, and coloured squares.

There's a bunch more that you'll probably only use once or twice but at least they've now been included in our library, like an oyster or brown heart.

The important thing that you need to know is that if you're looking to send dick pictures or act like a dick, you best believe you're going to get a pinching hand straight back.

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