This Artist With "Left Hand Tattooing" Is Going Viral!

This Artist With "Left Hand Tattooing" Is Going Viral!

Would you get a tattoo done in the style of your non-dominant hand? Meet The Tattoo Artist With Unique Capacity To Draw Masterpieces With Left Hand.

For many tattoo artists in the industry, perfection is the goal—whether that be through crisp linework, bulletproof saturation, or a visually appealing composition. However, for this Berlin-based tattoo artist, they're striving for the exact opposite

Guik (Misanthropie) is gifted with an unique ability to draw tattoos with his left hand. Though his tattoo designs resemble with the drawings of the young children, even then his work has been appreciated by great tattoo artists such as Hannah Pixie. They have developed a social media presence.

Unique Talent


And in addition to creating tattoos, Guik also supports a tool called the Queer Bodmod Compass, which connects LGBTQ+ artists from around the globe. Take a look at their work in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts on the tattoos in the comments section. 

















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