‘Ungrateful’ Scots bride blasted for moaning about hubby’s surprise custom-made wedding ring complete with nine diamonds

‘Ungrateful’ Scots bride blasted for moaning about hubby’s surprise custom-made wedding ring complete with nine diamonds

AN "ungrateful" Scots bride has been blasted on social media for moaning about her husband's surprise, custom-made wedding ring - complete with nine diamonds.

The woman shared a pic of the ring on the Blushing Brides Scotland Facebook group earlier this week.

And she revealed that her husband was "heartbroken" after she said she didn't like the gift.
In a lengthy post, the woman claimed that the ring "looks really nice.... if I was 70!"

The poster wasn't happy with her wedding ring


And she asked for advice on "cunningly" replacing or restyling the jewellery.
She said: "Just told my man I didn't like the wedding ring he custom made for me with 9 diamonds to represent all our 9 pets.
"I like delicate and this ring looks really nice... If I was 70!
"He was heartbroken but he'll survive.

The post on Facebook



"I love him but... this is a rest of my life forever ON me ring.
"Am I being mean?
"It's just very thick (to fit the diamonds in) and a tad large although he gave same ring size as engagement ring to jeweller.
"Anyone cunningly replaced/restyled a wedding ring after wedding? Helllp!"
The post quickly drew a number of comments from fellow group members.

And the woman was told she should "class yourself very lucky to have a thoughtful man with a great taste".
One punter said: "I think I'd try to love it just for how much effort he put into it."
While another wrote: "Girl... that's harsh!
"Your ring is lovely and so thoughtful!

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