Woman 'Can No Longer Take Selfies' After Embarrassing Haircut

Woman 'Can No Longer Take Selfies' After Embarrassing Haircut

A postal worker was left devastated and 'unable to take selfies' after she was left with an 'embarrassing' haircut.

Rachel White says she spent £65 and four and a half hours in the hair salon having her luscious locks cut and coloured at Arista Hair and Beauty salon, in Nelson, South Wales.

But it wasn't until she got home and looked in the mirror that she realised what had been done to her barnet.

The 20-year-old says she had to get her cousin to even it all out before she could head out and deliver her post.

In hindsight, Rachel admits it was an error not to have checked what it looked like before she left the salon, saying: "I didn't think twice about not looking at the result because I'd been in there so long.

"I'd only asked for a trim so wasn't expecting to see much change but as soon as I got home my cousin said: "You need to look in the mirror, your hair isn't even.

Rachel only realised the error when she returned home and her cousin spotted the wonky cut.


"So I washed it first and styled it my own way but there was no denying how bad the hair cut was."

The disgusted postie took to Facebook to share her outrage at the shocking trim.

Rachel, of Edwardsville, Merthyr Tydfil, said: "I posted the worst pictures to warn others about my terrible experience.

"I received a message from the salon telling me to come back and they'd fix it but they didn't apologise.

"No way was I going back there."

Stylists at another salon offered to fix the haircut for free, but now Rachel has had it corrected by her cousin - and it's a lot shorter than she originally intended.

Her cut had to be salvaged by her cousin but left it much shorter than she originally wanted.


She says it's 'knocked her confidence' and she can no longer take selfies.

Rachel said: "Aura were kind to help and they have done well to fix what they could but I've had to have so much cut off I'm still so unhappy.


"My hair is now about three inches shorter than what I asked for. I won't be able to wear my hair down for a very long time as it's embarrassing.

"It's really knocked my confidence and I won't be taking selfies until it's all grown back."

Rachel says the wonky cut has knocked her confidence.


A statement from Arista said: "We are currently taking detailed legal advice concerning the slanderous and defamatory remarks made by a customer concerning professional services obtained at our salon.

"We are also taking advice from the police regarding published threats to our business and livelihood and damage to our reputation as a professional salon.

"Therefore we are unable to make any detailed comment at this time other than to say this lady was given every opportunity to return to our salon to discuss her concerns and for us to view the alleged styling concerns, she was offered a full refund also despite us not having the opportunity to view for ourselves the alleged errors in person.

"The lady left our salon happy and paid in full at the time of the styling."

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