Woman Who Married Pirate Ghost Claims He Tried To Kill Her When She Dumped Him

Woman Who Married Pirate Ghost Claims He Tried To Kill Her When She Dumped Him

A woman who married a 300-year-old pirate ghost has claimed ‘he’ nearly killed her when she tried to end the relationship.

Amanda Teague legally married Jack, a Haitian pirate who allegedly died in the 1700s after being killed for thieving on the high seas.
However, the 47-year-old needed to undergo an exorcism when she was rushed to hospital after Jack’s spirit ‘possessed’ her.

Amanda Teague legally married Jack, a Haitian pirate


Amanda continued:

I knew his passing was imminent and I’d asked Jack to keep him until it was my time so we’d all be together.
But Toby wouldn’t go to Jack, he was incredibly aggressive and wouldn’t go near him.
In the end, he had to go to my mother because he just didn’t want to be near him.
Animals are quite intuitive about people so this was a big red flag to me.
Despite choosing to move on from the incident, Amanda’s health worsened, heightening her already increased concerned.

She explained:

I was getting abscesses recurring all the time after Jack and I would have any sexual relationship.

Woman Who Married Pirate Ghost Claims He Tried To Kill Her When She Dumped Him


‘It was something that was at the back of my mind – I never had these before I was with Jack.
Amanda even resorted to putting a sex ban on her relationship to see if that eased any of her symptoms.

She added:

Once I stopped having sexual contact with Jack, the abscesses started to improve.
And I’d say that was literally the best three weeks I’d had since we got married.
So anyway, one night, a friend of mine got married to her spiritual partner and Jack and I ended up being intimate.
The very next day, the abscess was back with a vengeance. So then I started to get really concerned.
Things hit an all-time low when Amanda was rushed to hospital for surgery after developing sepsis.

She said:

I almost died and I was in the hospital for a week. I had to take my wedding ring off when I went into surgery.
That must have cut the energy link between us because I felt totally different after the operation.
I reconnected with my own spiritual team and I really saw a pattern about my health.
I really saw alarm bells. He had obviously been blocking communication with my spiritual team.
So I could see very, very clearly that he had been stealing my energy.

After the surgery, Amanda was warned she may need to have a colostomy bag fitted. At this point a friend stepped in with the notion she may have been possessed by Jack, they also suggested she should speak to him about it.
However, when she confronted her pirate ghost hubby, she says he threatened to kill her if she tried to end their spiritual relationship.

She said:

His reaction when I told him he had to leave was that he wasn’t going to.
And that if I tried to have an exorcism and get rid of him, he was going to kill me.
It was terrifying seeing a completely different side to the lovely spirit I had seen before.
But I knew in my heart that if I didn’t get rid of him, my health was getting so bad, that I was probably going to die anyway.
Things have since taken a U-turn for Amanda, who underwent an exorcism in December, and now her health has drastically improved.

She said:

Previously, I’d had an MRI scan in November which showed that my bowel was perforated.
That’s something that doesn’t heal without surgery. So I had the exorcism and incredibly it healed up.
I’ve not had any more abscesses or bowel problems at all since then.
I went to the hospital recently and the junior doctor called in a consultant because she was like ‘I’ve never seen this before.’
If I hadn’t got the exorcism done, I think I’d definitely be going around with a colostomy bag.
Amanda has since written a book about her unusual experiences and has sworn off all spiritual work which left her ‘terrified.’

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