Woman who was scarred for life when her ex-boyfriend hired a hitman to throw acid on her recalls watching her skin ‘drip to the floor’

Woman who was scarred for life when her ex-boyfriend hired a hitman to throw acid on her recalls watching her skin ‘drip to the floor’

A WOMAN told how she was scarred for life after a hitman hired by her ex threw acid over her while she was on her way to a fake Tinder date.

Ellie Chessell, from Newport, Isle of Wight, appeared on Tattoo Fixers Extreme last night to get an inking to cover her scarring and revealed how her evil ex Claudio Gouveia planned the acid attack which took place in Portugal.

She recalled how she saw her skin "dripping off her" after being attacked in May 2017.

She told Tattoo Fixers, Sketch, Paisley and Alice: "At first I thought it was urine because it was hot but after about three seconds I realised it was acid.

"I was literally stood in the street watching my skin drip to the floor."

Describing to the trip how she first met Gouveia, she said: "I was a holiday rep in Portugal for two years."

"I met a guy quite quick when I was out there and we got together. We were together for the whole two years I was a travel rep."

However, they argued and he ended up attacking her.

"He ended up assaulting me and splitting my head open against a door frame," Ellie explained. "I had to go to hospital and have stitches in my head.

"I left Madeira and headed to mainland Portugal and got another job as a rep in a hotel."

After a while she met another man on Tinder who she hit it off with.

But while on the way to the date - which was a set-up - she was attacked.

"We had loads of common interests so arranged to meet him," she told the tattoo artists. "I was skipping along happy and jolly for the date and as another guy was walking towards me.

"I looked up and he threw liquid over me.

"The guy who threw it was told to throw it directly in my face but he didn’t want to do it which is why it got mainly my arm and stomach and stuff.

"He was the guy I was actually linked with on Tinder as he’d hacked my accounts so it was him I was talking too.

"He knew what my interests were obviously – I thought it was a really good match."

Ellie told how after being attacked she was "bandaged from head-to-toe". She was in hospital in Lisbon for a month before being flown to a UK hospital.

During a court hearing Portuguese Edmundo Fonseca, 45, claimed Ellie’s ex deceived him into thinking the acid was urine.

But he was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to nine years in jail in the Algarve.

Ellie’s ex Claudio Gouveia, 35, was jailed for 12 years on June 21 for attempted murder.

The court in the Algarve was told Gouveia tracked her to the Algarve after she fled their home in Madeira.

He got Fonseca to target her after gifting him three grams of cocaine.

After the hearing she said: "The last twelve months of my life have been a living nightmare for my family and I after my former partner Claudio Gouveia ordered a cowardly acid attack against me.

“The physical and mental scars of what happened to me in May 2017 will never ever heal – but today’s lengthy prison sentence for Gouveia will help me move forward with my life knowing that justice has finally been served."

Ellie chose to have a rose tattoo to cover her scarring.

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